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John Elliott was born into a musical family in Northern Ontario Canada.  His mother was an accomplished pianist and had come from an Irish musical family herself.  John had many musical aunts, uncles, and cousins who encouraged him at a young age to follow his musical dreams.  He was drawn to the piano as soon as he could reach the keys, at about 4 years of age.  After a few years of classical piano lessons, his interest turned to more popular music like blues and jazz and eventually to jazz-fusion.  John’s first job was as a recording musician in a studio, at age 13, playing piano and keyboard parts for radio jingles.  In the studio, John became very interested in synthesizers and electronic music and, against his parents wishes, eventually was able to buy his first synthesizer, with the aid of his supportive cousin Mike who drove 800 kms to Toronto to purchase the Roland Juno 60 for John (with the money that John was supposed to use to attend his second year of University).  Since then, John has worked as a recording musician on several recordings for other musicians, but mostly John composes and records his own music in his home studio in Delhi, Ontario Canada, about 200km West of Toronto.  John plays and records nearly every style of instrumental music, but most of his music is influenced by jazz, blues, and fusion.

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